ATI Radeon 4850 Released

The Raden 4850 is now avaliable for $200. Benchmarks show that this card could help bring competition back to the graphics card market. Hopefully we will see prices begin to rapidly drop on all graphics cards these next couple months. The card itself looks to be a large improvement over the previous generation of cards from ATI. Pictured below is a Sapphire Radeon 4850, very similiar to the Radeon 3850 in appearance:

Radeon 4850


From Cooliris, developers of the popular Cooliris Previews browser add-on, comes the amazing 3D media browsing add-on PicLens*. With PicLens, users can search, and then browse results from sites such as Facebook, Youtube, flickr, Google, and deviantART all in a stunning (and easy to use) 3D environment. Below you can view a video I made of the add-on, and its capabilities (music by Winterwind-NS):

No video? Get the DivX Web Player for Windows or Mac

*Update: the addon is now referred to as simply “Cooliris”