Finding the Cheapest Digital Downloads for PC Games

These days the PC Game digital market is thriving. There are tons of stores out there, and with tons of stores comes tons of competition. Thanks to the competition, there are constantly sales going on. So, how do you find the cheapest place to buy your games?

That is where my brand new site comes in, CheapShark:


The basic idea behind CheapShark is to take all the digital game stores out there, and keep track of the prices of their games. By keeping track of all the prices for you, it makes finding the best deal on games easy. In addition to being able to instantly search for particular games, CheapShark will also show you lists of the Top Deals ranked by a combination of factors such as percent off, metacritic rating,  release date, and price history. Also, you can manually browse all of our indexed deals, including filtering by store and sorting by price, rating, etc. So, if you buy digital downloads of PC games, check out CheapShark, and save some money!

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