Firefox Extensions

Below you will find a compiled list of all the firefox extensions I use. These are some great additions to an already great browser, be sure to check them out. Click on the name of the Extension to visit its download page.

The Basics:

Adblock Plus– never see another annoying in-page ad again! Automatically updates filters, to keep you banner free.

Download Statusbar– keeps your browsing neat and simple by removing the need for a separate download window.

Gmail Manager– sits on the statusbar in Firefox, silently checking for new mail at a user defined time interval. Just click the icon to jump to your Gmail inbox.

Remove it Permanently– ever wanted to clean up a webpage, get rid of some buttons or links that you will never use? With this extension you can.

IE Tab– for those few times when a website requires IE, this extensions lets you load a page inside Firefox, with the IE engine.

Added Functionality:

FlashGot– This handy add-on will allow you to download files in bulk quickly and easily. It supports a number of download managers, and includes a feature to download embedded media.

Secure Login– Firefox will remember your passwords, and this extensions will let you login with the click of a button, or press of a key.

FireFTP– a very easy to use FTP client that can be opened right inside of Firefox, allowing you to upload files, then view them instantly.

Foxmarks– nice little extension to synchronize your bookmarks across multiple computers, highly configurable.

Tab Mix Plus– adds a huge number of options to the way tabs work and look in Firefox. If you want to customize tabs, this is your extension.

Tempomail– interesting extension that allows you to create a temporary email address that forwards itself to your inbox. User chooses the lifespan of the mail address.

Customize Google– if you use Google frequently, you’ll want to install this extension, as it allows you to tailor every Google page to your exact specifications.

FullerScreen– allows Firefox to go into a truly fullscreen view. Good for users who watch movies or television online. Can also be used for presentations through Firefox.

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