The Apples Are Ready For Picking

Apple has just released their new line up of the ipod nano now known as the nano chromatic. These new ipods are are not only more friendly to the eye then the previous generation but come packed with a few new features such as the new genius feature. If you have upgraded to itunes 8 you should know a little bit about this lets say your listening to a song and you like the style of music it is in all you have to do is pull out your ipod and with a few clicks you can have a playlist generated with songs that work well with each other. Another add on to the ipod is the shake feature this allows you to just give your ipod a shake and change the song. You might have some fun with this while driving on bumpy roads. The design has also changes giving it more of the shape of the first and second generation ipods but with a much bigger screen (2 inches) and sleek rounded corners and to top it off you can get in 9 different colors now including pink.

Some Facts About The Nano Chromatic 


  • Available in a 8 gb ($169) or a 16 gb ($219) model 
  • 24 hours of battery life
  • Holds 4 hours of video